Tresidder urges residents to vote

With just a few days left before the election, New York State 48th District Senate candidate Amy Tresidder is urging residents to vote in the November 6 general election. “This is an important election year and I urge everyone to take part in the shaping of our future on the state and national level,” she said.

Tresidder noted the high unemployment in the 48th District. “My opponent repeatedly boasts about the jobs she has created, yet St. Lawrence and Oswego counties are among those with the highest unemployment in the state. If Senator Ritchie is true to her words, why haven’t we seen a drop in the number of unemployed in the district,” she asked.

“We hear Mrs. Ritchie boast about passing an on-time budget and cutting the state deficit. What she doesn’t tell you is that passing the budget on-time is her job and the cuts that were made have been shifted to local governments, all of whom are now struggling to keep up with burdensome state mandates,” Tresidder said. “Taxes haven’t been lowered; they are simply coming out of another pocket. It is misleading to say taxes have been cut.”

As an Oswego County Legislator, Treisdder knows firsthand what unfunded state mandates are doing to local governments.

“For more than a year, we have been sending resolutions urging Senator Ritchie to relieve the local burden of unfunded mandates. Not only has she not responded, but she has not attended one of our legislature meetings to witness the difficulty we have in dealing with these costly mandates. Our local taxpayers are faced with a seven-percent tax increase because of these mandates. The state could have, and should have, done more to cut the budget instead of burdening the local taxpayer,” she said.

Tresidder, who has run a grassroots campaign, kept her promise to refuse money from special interest groups. As a strong proponent of campaign finance reform, Tresidder questioned whether Mrs. Ritchie believes money should dictate the outcome of an election.

“Mrs. Ritchie’s financial disclose reports show her campaign has been financed by many outside interests. The reports show Exxon has contributed to her campaign. Why? What interest does Exxon have in the 48th District race? This concerns me because of Mrs. Ritchie’s support of hydrofracking,” she said.

Tresidder said if elected she will represent the residents of the 48th District fairly and equitably.

She recalled a farm bus tour this summer that was held in Canton.

“Senator Ritchie drove to the first farm in her car, stayed long enough to get her picture taken and left.” Tresidder said. “Not only did she miss a very educational opportunity, but she insulted the farmers by showing her only interest was to have her picture taken. This is wrong and it’s not representation.”

If the residents of the 48th District want change, it’s important to get out and vote, Treisdder said.

“When we look at the jobless rate, when we look at our state tax deductions, when we look at our property tax bill, we must look to the future and ask if the last two years are a reflection of what we want in the next two years,” she said. “Together we can make a difference and have our voices heard in Albany. Please exercise your right to vote.”

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