Two Men Arrested At Old Nestle Property


FULTON, NY – After business hours, on the night of January 20, around 7:06 p.m., two men were located inside the locked and fenced property at the old Nestle building, located at 555 S. Fourth St., Fulton, according to police.

Douglas W. Hemphill
Douglas W. Hemphill

Arrested were Douglas W. Hemphill, 36, of 329 County Route 89 in Oswego and Christopher D. Wood, 30, of 1006 Ivy Ridge Road, Syracuse.

Both men were charged with Criminal trespass 3rd, a class B misdemeanor and Possession of Burglar’s Tools, a class A Misdemeanor.

They reportedly had in their possession numerous tools, including a screwdriver, pipe wrench, crescent wrench, work gloves, a multi tool, wire cutters, flashlight, asbestos respirators, folding knife, vice grips, pliers and scissors; all with the intent to steal items from within the building.

The pair is scheduled to be arraigned in Fulton City Court on January 28 at 9 a.m.

Christopher D. Wood
Christopher D. Wood


  1. Charge them with the broken windows too. what the hell is wrong with people. get a job, stop taking from others, people work hard for what they have. Then some pond scum comes along and thinks they are entitled to it. I give fulton police a thumbs up they are doing a great job trying to clean up this town

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