United Way Drops The Puck On 2008-09 Campaign

OSWEGO, NY – The United Way of Greater Oswego County kicked off its 2008-09 campaign Wednesday with a renewed vow from the Laker Women’s Hockey Team.

Members of the college's women's and men's hockey team pose with representatives of the United Way to show support for the annual campaign.
Members of the college

“Throughout the year, the United Way proudly helps support 23 agencies with 39 programs; serving thousands of individuals,” said Melanie Trexler, executive director.

Funds raised through the campaign will help children in the county reach their full potential, support and strengthen families, and sustain senior independence among other things, she pointed out.

“Your commitment to this campaign can and will make a difference,” she told the large crowd at The American Foundry. “This sound foundation is comprised of everyday people. Your support and commitment to our campaign is what enables us to be united in Oswego County. So, we truly thank you.”

Incoming board president John Scardella said the United Way is strongly committed to achieving its goal of building a healthy, strong community.

“Your support of the United Way is the single best way to help the most people,” he pointed out. “Only the United Way offers you the unique opportunity to have one donation positively impact so many lives.”

The United Way has established a Needs Assessment Committee to help ensure the organization is helping as many people in the best way possible, he added.

Coach Diane Dillon and the Laker Women’s Hockey Team returned to support the United Way’s campaign by raising funds based on the number of goals the team scores.

The Dollars for Goals Program urges people to pledge a dollar amount for every goal the team scores.

The men’s hockey team was also on hand to pledge its support in similar fashion.

Representatives of the hockey teams unveiled the United Way’s goal ($800,000) for the new campaign.

“The United Way certainly puts its faith in people, doesn’t it. It relies on all of us to do our part to help other in need; to give of our time and resources to make things better for those who are less fortunate,” she said.

Being involved in the community is important to the team, she said.

They expect to improve this coming season and have set higher goals for themselves on and off the ice.

They challenged the United Way to reach higher, also.