WBUC December 18th 2015

Student produced local news show The Buc Buzz returns this week with hosts Jake Gerber and Olivia Rando. First up, Zac Caruso shows the massive effect Star Wars: The Force Awakens has had since its announcement and release. Olivia Rando then talks about a recent CiTi orientation field trip taken by Oswego High School students. Noah Lee and Kevin Blum highlight the high school’s Participation in Government class food drive charity effort that the students have been working on. Following the food drive, Rachel Lagoe and Roman Madlangbayan get an in depth look at the New Visions program offered by the Oswego High School. To follow up on a previous story Greg Caster, Zach Cary, and Miranda Miller show off Fort Ontario’s new movement to get status as a national park. Billy Green and Austin Richardson return with this week in technology going over a virtual keyboard, StickNFind, and a new Bluetooth lock. Jake Gerber helps to catch you up with Oswego High School sports records and overall seasons. Cole Shurtleff and Elijah Dandrich talk about the Christmas Tree tradition and how it began. Nathan Schultzkie and Nathan Greene catch up with the advisor of the Environmental Club and get some information on the club’s activities.