Weather Notebook For January 15, 2020

Weather Notebook For January 15, 2020

Cloudy, breezy and cooler with snow possible today. High near 40.

Cloudy and cool tonight. Low near 30.

Blustery and colder with snow likely on Thursday. High near 30 and falling into the 20s.

Looking ahead: Friday – Brisk and very cold. High near 20. Saturday – Brisk and cold with snow-rain possible. High near 30. Sunday – Blustery and cold with lake effect. High 20.

According to Fulton’s weather observer, the area received no precipitation on January 14.

The monthly total is 1.00 inch.

The total for the year is 1.00 inch.

Fulton received no snow on January 14.

Total snowfall for the month is 4.1 inches

The winter season stands at 36.1 inches.