What is a Republican? Who is the Real Republican?

How can a Registered Republican think and make a decision on the two candidates for the 23rd Congressional District, when issues from the 2009 election process have not been answered?

Much has been said about keeping promises. When asked by the Republican Party, traditionally it is expected to back the party choices. Based on what Doug Hoffman knew at the time when the county chairs selected their candidate DeDe Scozzafava, he indicated he would support their choice. However, once Mr. Hoffman found out what Ms. Scozzafavva stood for on critical issues and after listening to many voters within the 23rd Congressional District, he made a new decision.

As proven by the wishes of the “people” who supported him last year, he made the right decision for the people of the district. With new information, a new decision can and should be made, especially if it is in the best interest of the people within the district. Now, because he didn’t “pay his dues” the party bosses and leadership are mad at Mr. Hoffman because he has a mind of his own and supported the will of the people he directly went to , “shame on him”. That constitutes being a liar, as defined by the party heads.

The evidence is very clear, the party leaders expect total loyalty to them. Mr. Hoffman has already proven that he will not fall in that trap of “Group Think”. That’s why they hate his guts, because they can’t control him or his commitment to the people of the 23rd.

The established old party guard in the 23rd obviously hasn’t paid any attention to what the RNC stated on 1/29/10 at their Hawaii meeting. They specifically pointed out they did not want a repeat of the 2009 debacle. A “litmus test should be required of the candidates”, to see if they fit within the 2008 RNC Platform.

Even Michael Steele, RNC Chairman is wrong in allowing candidates to get by on 8 of 10 principles and values within the party. Why settle for that, when Doug Hoffman is 10 for 10, the clear choice, once two questions are answered, What is a Republican? And, Who is the Real Republican?

Ron Deeley
Watertown, NY