Who’s Running For What Nov. 4 – State and National

State SealElection Day, the first Tuesday in November, is just a few weeks away so Oswego County Today has compiled for our readers and voters in Oswego County this list of who is running for what state and US offices along with a link to the candidates’ websites, blogs or Facebook pages.
A list of county, town and village races along with propositions will also be published separately.


Supreme Court Judge
Brian DeJoseph, incumbent D,C, http://www.judgedejoseph.com/
Robert O’Leary, R

Andrew Cuomo, incumbent (Hochul), D, Wor, I, Other; http://andrewcuomo.com/
Rob Astorino (Moss), R, C, Other; http://www.robastorino.com/
Howie Hawkins (Jones), Green; http://www.howiehawkins.org/
Steven Cohn (Kalotee), Other – Sapient Party; http://sapientparty.com/
Michael McDermott (Edes), Other – Libertarian Party; http://www.mcdermottforcongress2014.com/

Lieutenant Governor
Kathy Hochul (Cuomo), D, Wor, I, Other; http://kathyhochul.com/
Chris Moss (Astorino), R, C, Other; http://albanygop.org/?page_id=766
Brian P. Jones (Hawkins), Green; http://brianpjones.tumblr.com/
Bobby K. Kalotee (Cohn), Other – Sapient Party; https://www.facebook.com/sapientparty
Chris Edes (McDermott), Other – Libertarian Party; http://www.vote-for-chris.net/

Thomas P. DiNapoli, incumbent, D, Wor, I, Other; http://dinapoli2014.com/
Robert Antonacci, R, C, Other; http://www.bobantonacci.com/
Theresa M. Portelli, Green; https://www.facebook.com/TheresaPortelliForNYSComptroller
John Clifton, Other – Libertarian Party; http://electclifton.wordpress.com/

Attorney General
Eric T. Schneiderman, incumbent, D, Wor, I, Other; http://ericschneiderman.com/
John Cahill, R, C, Other; http://cahillforag.com/
Ramon Jimenez, Green; http://ramonjjimenez.wordpress.com/
Carl E. Person, Other – Libertarian; http://carl4ag.com/

Representative in US Congress, 22nd District
Richard L. Hanna, incumbent, R, I; http://www.richardhannaforcongress.com/home/

Representative in US Congress, 24th District
Daniel B. Maffei, incumbent, D, Wor; http://www.maffeiforcongress.com/
John M. Katko, R, C, I; http://www.johnkatkoforcongress.com/

Representative in NYS Senate, 48th District
Patricia A. Ritchie, incumbent, R, C, I; http://pattyritchie.com/

Member of NYS Assembly, 120th District
William A. Barclay, incumbent, R, C, I; https://www.facebook.com/AssemblymanWillBarclay

Member of NYS Assembly, 130th District
Robert C. Oaks, incumbent, R, C; https://www.facebook.com/assemblymanoaks

At the state level, there are also three proposals on the ballot.

Proposal One- Revising State’s Redistricting Procedure
Abstract: The purpose of this proposal is to reform the process of establishing new state legislative and congressional district lines that the Constitution requires every 10 years. If the proposal is approved, a redistricting commission will be established to determine lines for legislative and congressional districts, subject to adoption of the commission’s plan by the Legislature and approval by the Governor. Under the current provisions of the Constitution, the Legislature is the entity responsible for establishing these lines.

Proposal Two – Permitting Electronic Distribution of State Legislative Bills
Abstract: The purpose of this proposal is to allow electronic distribution of a state legislative bill to satisfy the constitutional requirement that a bill be printed and on the desks of state legislators at least three days before the Legislature votes on it. Under the current provisions of the Constitution, this requirement can only be satisfied by distribution of a physical printed copy.

Proposal Three – The SMART SCHOOLS BOND ACT OF 2014
Abstract: The purpose of this proposal is to authorize the creation of state debt and the sale of state bonds in the amount of up to two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000) to provide money for the single purpose of improving learning and opportunity for public and nonpublic school students in New York.

For more information on each of these proposals, visit New York State Board of Elections website, proposed constitutional amendments.

Visit the Oswego County Board of Elections website for more information about registering to vote and voting.

Absentee voting for federal general election: Oct. 28 is the last day to postmark application or letter of application for general election ballot.

Nov. 3 is the last day to apply in person for general election ballot.

Nov. 3 is the last day to postmark ballot. Must be received by the county board no later than Nov. 12.

Nov. 4 is the last day to deliver ballot in person to county board, by close of polls on Election Day.

All polls are open at 6 a.m. and close at 9 p.m. on Election Day.


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