Woodward Wins Fulton Republican Mayoral Primary

10:50 PM:  Results are finally complete: Ron Woodward has won the Republican primary for Mayor, beating Common Council member Tom Kenyon 361-229 in unofficial results.

Woodward got about 60% of the votes while Kenyon took about 39%.  There were 3 write-in votes recorded.

Kenyon will be on the ballot in November as the Conservative Party’s endorsed candidate.  An independent candidate, Ralph Stacy, Jr., will also run.

In the other primary in the city, Alan Emrich beat Woodward’s son, Ryan, in the race for the Republican endorsement to run for Common Council in the 1st Ward.

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  1. The first thing I have to say is CONGRATULATIONS Mayor Woodward!!! Atleast the right man one in THAT primary.

    The second thing I would like to say is lets clarify that article. Alan Emrich did not win the “Republican endorsement” that would be impossible since the repuiblican committee endorsed Ryan Woodward. Alan Emrich won the Republican “Line” and by a very slim margin, I might add.

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