Working To Get You Back To Work

By Senator Patty Ritchie
Everybody knows that to boost New York’s economy, we need to create more jobs.

We’re seeing signs of progress here in New York State; and I’m doing all I can to work with Governor Cuomo to bring change to Albany and get our economy back on track.

Recently, nearly 1,000 hardworking, proactive job seekers attended my Job and Career Fairs in St. Lawrence and Oswego counties.

There, they had the chance to talk with nearly 100 employers.  What’s even more impressive?  Many of these organizations are looking to hire right now.

And it wasn’t just about jobs.  Each event featured opportunities to learn how to improve your job searching strategy; everything from building your resume to tips on how to nail your interview.

If the perfect job doesn’t seem to be out there right now, it’s so crucial to take these steps and make yourself more marketable, so when the right opportunity does come around you’re ready.

New York State is also making it a lot easier to search for jobs that are available right now, from the comfort of your own home.

On my website, www.ritchie.nysenate.gov, you can find a link to my special Jobs Bank.  There, you can access information on more than 70,000 job opportunities across the state.

Knowing the needs of our job creators is also an important part in creating a better economy here in New York State.

As part of my recent “Where You Work” tour, I went inside a number of Central and Northern New York businesses, everything from a bottling company to an organic farm.

The purpose? to meet with employers and hear about their needs in an effort to help them expand their businesses and create more employment opportunities for their fellow New Yorkers.

We’re starting to turn a corner here in New York State and I want to keep up that momentum.

It’s efforts like these that are helping to create more jobs, give New Yorkers opportunities to restart their careers and revitalize the economy as a whole.

As your state senator, I pledge to do all I can to continue to promote economic growth in our region and across the state.