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Summer Is Still In The Air At St. Luke Thanks To A Visit From Rudy’s Lakeside

What has become an end of summer ritual for folks at St. Luke Health Services, Rudy’s owners Carol and Jason Livsey, and family visited and brought with them all the fixing’s for a great lunch, featuring Rudy’s favorites like a great fish sandwich and of course – “Texas Hots”.

Do This Tonight: The History of Rudy’s at The Loop

It’s a rite of summer — a trip to that street that runs along Lake Ontario just west of the college, for a Texas hot or a fish sandwich. Seagulls, throwing rocks into the lake, watching the sun go down.  Summer in Oswego has meant Rudy’s for decades.

Tonight at 6:00 p.m. at the Oswego Town Hall in Oswego Center, the people behind Rudy’s will be serving up a rich meal of stories and photos about this signature business.

Here’s an idea — stop by the Loop for a quick bite before you go. Perfect!