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Sandra Scott Travels: Recalling the Flying Tigers’ Place in History

A few years ago, John and I were in St. Charles, Louisiana, where we visited the Imperial Calcasieu Museum. While browsing the displays I overheard someone say, “Claire Chennault! He is known by every school child in China.” It caught my attention. Claire Chennault, the commander of the Flying Tigers, a group of volunteer military men who trained in Burma, now called Myanmar, lived in St. Charles. The Flying Tigers helped defend the Chinese against the Japanese before the U.S. entered the war.


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Motivational speaker inspires Hannibal students

Former professional wrestler-turned-motivational speaker Marc Mero used his wealth of life experience to inspire Dennis M. Kenney Middle School students during an assembly Friday morning.
Mero, who gained notoriety as a wrestler with the World Wrestling Federation in the early 1990s and later struggled with addiction and adversity, brought his message of hope to Hannibal students.