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October 20, 2018

Battle Island Clean Sweep

After a mix of either high water river levels and inclement weather, this past Saturday (May 21), eleven members from the local paddling group, Oswego Kayakers, did a litter clean sweep around the Battle Island area of the Oswego River and Barge Canal.

The Oswego River is the recipient of waters from both the Oneida and Seneca rivers.

Clean Sweep crew

Clean Sweep crew

Seen here in the historic Oswego Canal guard lock #4, paddlers give an oar salute completing their clean sweep.

A guard lock protected the canal from being washed out or filled with silt in times of high water.

Unlike lift locks the guard locks, gates normally stayed open, allowing passage of the canal boats.

During times of high water the gates were closed and boats were locked through.

The Battle Island guard lock was unique, in that it was a double lock, twice the normal length with a third set of gates halfway through. to help regulate water flow and levels.

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