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May 25, 2018



Survey of Area Voters Indicates Economy, High Taxes Top Concerns; People, Nature Our Best Attributes

My office recently invited people in the 120th Assembly district to participate in a legislative survey and more than 800 people took the time to respond. The survey asked people their thoughts on the local economy, laws pertaining to drugs, child welfare, the SAFE Act, economic development, and health care. Not surprisingly, in this unscientific survey, the overwhelming majority of people are concerned about our local economy.

A Message from the Oswego Public Library

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Oswego Public Library, this message is to clarify some of the confusion and misunderstanding about the relationship between the Oswego Public Library (known as the “Oswego School District Public Library”) and the Enlarged City School District of Oswego.

Connecting Children with Brighter Futures – One Clubhouse at a Time

As we continue to battle the heroin and opioid epidemic here in Central and Northern New York, the conversation is most often focused on the users, the dealers, rehabilitation and law-enforcement. While these conversations are critical to helping our communities rid themselves of these drugs, I cannot help but think that there is one other aspect that may not be receiving the attention it deserves, how is this problem affecting children?

Changes to State’s Water Infrastructure Assistance Would Better Assist Localities

When the faucet is turned on, we take it for granted that clean, safe water will come out of the spigot. Unfortunately, as has been reported both nationally and in New York State, this is not always the case. In recent years, many problems have arisen due to aging water and sewer systems. In many cases, municipalities are dealing with systems that are more than 100 years old.

Support Sought For Oswego Public Library

The Friends of the Oswego Library respectfully asks the citizens of the Oswego City School District to support the Oswego S.D. Public Library by visiting their polling locations on Tuesday May 15, and voting yes for the library budget.

Taxpayers Vs Special Interest Groups

No surprise here as who you should put your money on. That’s right double down on Special Interest Groups. This was proven on Thursday April 12, at the monthly Oswego County Legislative meeting. A resolution asking for the use of ATVs on County Route 26 in Parish was presented for approval. First up was a public hearing on the resolution.

It’s About Basics!

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, in the Oswego County Legislative Chambers, the Oswego County Legislative body passed resolution # 4. The significance of this resolution is that it approved the hiring of a firm from Saratoga Springs to come to Oswego County and train up to 50 county employees a course called “Basics of Grant Writing.”

A New ‘Page’ For New York’s Libraries

From a child using a book that opens their imagination, to a job seeker learning the skills needed to enter the workforce, libraries have long been the foundation of our local communities. However, just as times have changed, so have the needs of our public libraries and the demands of their patrons.

Libraries Enrich Our Communities, Empower Individuals

Libraries serve as a valuable resource for millions of residents in both rural and urban areas. In New York state there are more than 750 libraries. They are usually centrally located in communities and function both as a free and public space for events and provide key resources to people all ages. In addition to providing traditional services and educational resources, libraries provide free computer and internet access.

Witness Sought To Accident

I am helping a disabled young man who was injured in a pedestrian/vehicle accident November 19 around 7:30 p.m. at the intersection of East Bridge and East First streets in Oswego, NY. With bills for ambulance, hospital etc., mounting the pedestrian is in need of witnesses to come forward to verify what happened.

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