Fishing Reports for March 30, 2010

This report a courtesy of Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

The following notice has been posted for Lake Ontario waters:

Remember the area around the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Facility is off limits to boating. The restricted area stretches 1,000 yards offshore and extends from the Alcan plant to the Sunset Bay area along Lake Ontario, east of the city of Oswego.

Oswego River/Lake Ontario report:

Oswego River report:

The water level has been slowly dropping, running at 14,000cfs this morning. More rain is expected later today but then warmer temperatures and no precipitation is forecast through the weekend. The harbor area is producing some nice brown trout and a few rainbows. Beads, stickbaits, worms, minnows, egg sacs and white bucktail jigs are working well. April 1 marks the opening of trout season on inland streams.

Salmon River/Pulaski Area report:

According to Whitaker’s Sport Shop & Motel:

The water flow is currently running at 1100cfs through Thursday. The upper end of the river between Altmar and Pineville continues to get the most fishing pressure, but is also holding the most fish. The spawning process has begun and the fish have been hanging around the gravel areas of the river. A few fish have already completed the spawning process and each day we’re hearing of drop backs being caught. Mild weather is expected for the remainder of the week which should help bring the water temperature up. The fish are here right now and anglers should take advantage of the conditions.  

According to the Douglaston Salmon Run:

Fishing on the run was a little slow yesterday. Anglers did report picking at fish, but had to work pretty hard for them. Anglers in the upper river are reporting a lot of fish. Now that these fish have started spawning and dropping back, we should see big numbers any day now on the run.

According to Dave Wood of Woody’s Tackle:

Anglers looking for bullhead action should try mud-bottomed areas such as the estuary of the Little Salmon River and the boat launch area at Pine Grove. Worms and leeches are good baits of choice.

Oneida Lake report:

As the open water fishing season begins, look for panfish in the shallow bays and marinas. Crappies are taking small minnows in the Toad Harbor area. The walleye egg take is taking place this week at the NYS DEC Oneida Fish Cultural Station. It is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and this is a great time to visit and to observe the egg taking process. For questions, contact them at 315/623-7311.

Sandy Pond report:

According to Dave Wood of Woody’s Tackle:

The water level in the pond and the back channels is low. Normally crappies would be active but there does not seem to be much action at this time. Anglers are taking a few perch by boat using minnows.