Fulton Police Make Arrest in Sex Offense Investigation

Photo from Fulton PD

     FULTON – On 05/13/24 the Fulton Police Department was notified by one of the departments’ school resource officers of a possible sex offense which had occurred at G. Ray Bodley High School.

Based on the investigation that ensued, it was learned that there were actually two different incidents that occurred that day.  The first incident occurred early in the morning during a class.  A 15 year old male student forcibly touched a 15 year old female student, which was reported to school officials.  Shortly before 1 PM the same day, the same suspect was in the area of the gym locker rooms.  He brought a 16 year old female student (different from the first incident) into a small room off the gym where no security cameras are located, and attempted to sexually assault her.

Both of the victims supplied statements, and the suspect was later interviewed and confessed to his actions.

Because of his age, and the seriousness of the alleged crimes, arrangements had to be made to have him arraigned in Family Court with the assistance of the County Attorney’s Office.

The suspect was arraigned on 05/31/24 in Oswego County Family Court.

He was charged with forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a child for the first incident.

In regards to the second incident, he was charged with attempted criminal sex act in the first degree, unlawful imprisonment in the second degree, endangering the welfare of a child, and harassment second degree.

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  1. This student has a history of harassing and bullying even mail students. This shouldn’t have gotten this far. This is a system issue as districts worry too much about NYs demanding the number of suspended students be cut state wide. We need to get back to holding students accountable, increase in school , out of school suspension and expulsion. Until we the parents take back the schools and demand discipline that fits the crime these kinds of students will continue to prey on others.

  2. We need to replace the school system with a system that is accountable for safety and security as long with a curriculum that teaches students how to think and become responsible citizens. When the students are allowed to run our schools this is what happens. A student doesn’t have to agree with their teacher but they have to respect them. And if a parent allows them to act out without consequences then the parent should be held accountable and responsible for their child.

  3. I agree with both of the previous writers but I also want to comment on the actions of the school district in keeping this from the public for nearly 1 month. Had it not been for the work of one of the local television stations, we (Fultonians) would likely still be in the dark. I know there are laws and regulations surrounding any crimes involving minors. Perhaps, too many and too constraining. That is a conversation for another day and with other people. I simply submit, this was handled wrong. Reporting to the public could easily have been done at the time of the incident, without divulging the names of the minors involved (both victims and the perpetrator). In the event of a “next time”, the district needs to do better

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