NYS Independence Party endorses Backus for Oswego County Clerk

Albany, NY – The Independence Party of New York State today announced its endorsement of Michael C. Backus of Mexico for the office of Oswego County Clerk.

“The Independence Party is proud to support Mike Backus for County Clerk.  Mike has the background, experience and integrity to lead the Oswego County Clerk’s office for the next four years,” said Chairman Frank MacKay.

Michael C. Backus
Michael C. Backus

Touting Michael’s record in working for independent minded public officials like former Congressman John McHugh, Chairman MacKay said, “Mike cut his teeth working for great public servants like Secretary McHugh, a public official who always made up his own mind on issues. Mike, like Secretary McHugh, won’t be swayed because of outside pressures; he’ll evaluate each situation and make the best possible decision for the taxpayers of Oswego County.”

“In addition, I am proud to stand behind a young man who is willing to serve the citizens of Oswego County,” Chairman MacKay said. “In order to turn around our state and our nation, we need to support young people who are willing to get involved in the political process and run for public office.”

The Oswego County Clerk’s office is on the ballot this November due to the death of George Williams.

Williams served as the Oswego County Clerk for more than 30 years.