Daniel Seth Eason

Daniel Seth Eason

OSWEGO – How do you summarize a life whose existence could fill a bookshelf with, instant classics? Whose laughter and smile could fill a room and charm that could melt hearts?

Whose thoughtfulness was felt by countless, honored enough to know him and call him a friend? Whose Brilliance was so vast that even NASA took notice in 2022, offering him an opportunity to write telemetry for rockets.

And, yet, despite extreme intelligence, he was humble.

“I’m just a poor farm boy from Scriba.” He would often say.

“Baby, you do realize that writing telemetry for rockets officially makes you a rocket scientist right?” I asked him(after the mission was completed, and he could finally tell me what it was he had been working on all year).

“No, don’t be silly.” Dan laughed in a tone one could describe as disbelief in his accomplishment.

“Dan, Baby that is literally the definition.” I laughed beaming with pride.

“Not bad for a farm boy I guess.” He quipped.

Daniel Seth Eason (57), departed the third rock from the sun on February 23, 2024. He currently resides in Heaven with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Currently, he praises our Savior behind what I can only imagine, is the most beautiful set of drums ever created. I take comfort in knowing that he is elated with his new residence, as each room, I’m sure has a drum set in it. And, unlike me, God probably didn’t roll his eyes at the request.

He was welcomed home by loved ones who journeyed to Heaven before him:

His Father, George E. Eason,(who probably announced Daniel’s arrival by shouting “Karen, the baby’s home!”), His mother, Karen I. Eason, and Brother John Eason. This reunion must have been truly beautiful. He was also reunited with his grandmother, Doris Shada Eason, a woman of God, who prayed for Dan’s salvation daily, encouraging him to believe in Jesus.

Left here to remember him fondly, until I join him in eternity, Katrina M. Eason, his wife. Daniel and I loved each other fiercely. After eloping on skis in 2005, we began our rare and incredible life with one another. It was not often that you would see one of us without the other.

We shared adventures in our 20 years together that most people will never have an opportunity to do. I am so grateful for that.

Daniel loved to travel and experience life to the fullest. I shared that passion.

Staying in a yurt, visiting an ice castle, looking upward at the glorious display of dancing northern lights,and listening to the waves of the Arctic Ocean, are just a handful of the countless memories that I will carry with me.

Daniel Seth Eason

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  1. What a stunningly beautiful obituary! He sounds like an incredible man. Man he rest in peace and I am so sorry for your loss!

  2. So sorry for your loss, my prayers and condolences for you and the family..