Oswego Police Department To Participate In Prescription Drug Take Back Day

OSWEGO – On October 27, the city of Oswego Police Department will participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

The day aims to provide a convenient and safe means of disposing your unused or expired prescription drugs.

Take Back Day brought in almost 1 million pounds of unused or expired medication at a national level last year.

“Having a safe place to dispose of unwanted medication that is available 24/7/365 at the Oswego Police Department and by participating in these specific drug take-back events with agencies such as Farnham helps to keep these medications out of the wrong hands,” Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow said. “I encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities.”

The Oswego County Prevention Coalition works with local organizations to support events such as these that increase the overall wellness of our community.

“Promptly disposing of unneeded medications can help prevent accidental ingestion by children and others, including pets,” said Tyler Ahart, Coalition Coordinator. “Our Youth Development Survey data reveals that the majority of youth who report having misused/abused prescription drugs, use them either at home, a friend’s house or ‘other,’ which we surmise to be a grandparents’ home where prescription medications may be prevalent. It is important for households to dispose of these medi-cations promptly and properly when they are no longer of use”

These event also serves as a safer alternative to the outdated method of flushing substances.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, consumers have been told to flush unwanted drugs.

But with technological advances and research, low levels of drugs are being found in our surface waters. In other words, the safest way to dispose of unwanted or unused prescription medications is to dispose of them at a local take back program such as these, or at only of the two conveniently located prescription drug drop boxes.

The two prescription disposal drop boxes are available at the city of Oswego Police Department and the city of Fulton Police Department.

These are each available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no questions asked, no paperwork to fill out.

The Take Back Day event will be hosted at Kinney Drugs on 174 W. Bridge St., Oswego, on October 27.