Setting The Record Straight

To The Editor:

Politics is deceitful, divisive and frightening, especially in today’s climate. Emotionally charged words and lies are being bantered around without regard for truthfulness.

Misleading statements, inaccuracies, and downright lies are prevalent with certain politicians who should be addressing policies that are important to us.

Therefore, setting the record straight is crucial to making an informed decision when voting, and locally, it is no different.

Two candidates are running for the NYS 24th Congressional District, Dana Balter and John Katko, but the tone of each campaign is different.

Lies, innuendos, and inferences have been the crux of John Katko’s smear-based ads while Dana Balter has tried to target her platform of an open-door policy, concern for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, health care for all, campaign finance reform, and unfair taxation to name a few with the middle class always in mind, while Katko spends his PAC and big business money on deceitful ads.

To set the record straight regarding the ads approved by John Katko, the first implied that Balter was not a resident of Central NY but a “visiting professor” at Syracuse University.

Like many colleges and universities, SU uses the title “visiting professor” to describe faculty members who are not presently on the tenure track, often known as adjunct professors.

Also, Dana first moved to the Syracuse area in 2003, owns a home here, and has had several education related positions locally.

While she was born and raised in Connecticut, she chose to move to Central NY, an area she loves and calls home.

Several Katko ads emphasize that Balter “wants to increase” taxes.

These are taken out of context and fail to explain how and why.

Health care for all will increase taxes somewhat but the savings from premiums, deductibles, co-pays, emergency room expenses, pharmaceuticals, and more far outweigh the additional tax.

Insurance companies will be regulated. Businesses large and small will no longer have to deal with employee health care options.

A new Katko smear states that Dana owned a “mansion” in Florida showing a swanky pool and a lovely door front.

This was a two-bedroom condominium owned by her brother where she lived temporarily.

The missed business (not property) tax payment was a measly $47.29, on a design business she was running remotely to make ends meet.

She missed the payment because she moved before the bill arrived, but paid what she owed plus fees as soon as she realized the mistake.

Contrary to Katko’s lies, she has never owned property in Florida, and the “mansion” depicted was the pool of the condominium.

A world of difference separates these candidates and it’s important to know these differences before you vote.

Dana Balter has always and will continue to have an open-door policy, has held numerous open town hall meetings, met people in restaurants, private homes, and spoke at many open events.

John Katko was invited to two town hall meetings in Oswego County and did not attend, refused to return calls, or generally be available to the public.

His “Town Hall Meetings” were usually by phone and invitation, and questions were screened.

Every one of his visits from prominent representatives from this administration were closed to the public and when Balter’s campaign tried to arrange for early, open debates, he refused.

One of the issues here is to make sure you know the facts, avoid emotional rhetoric, and know which candidate will truly represent you.

The other issue is lack of voter participation.

Every vote counts, so please get out on November 6 and cast your ballot.

Suzanne Stout
Fulton, NY


  1. Fact: Dana Balter is another tax and spend liberal
    Fact: Katko is not
    Fact: What this State does not need is another tax and spend liberal.

    Yes. Please vote this November.

  2. First, Balter wants to have a Universal healthcare system, for which there is no other way to pay for it, other than raising taxes. Ridiculous considering it leads to inferior care, and eventually rationing.
    By definition, those who wish to increase the size and control of government reach are tax and spenders.
    Katko is not for such a governmental overreach.

  3. Taxed, I am anxious to hear what great plan Katko has for health care, other than give a trillion dollar tax break with 80% going to the rich and now that the budget deficit being more than 900,000,000,000. The republicans have justification To cut or repeal social security Medicare and Medicaid! Is this the great plan that Republicans had to replace Obamacare with!!!

  4. Zell, First off, as for Healthcare, I know Katko was in favor of an off-ramp from the disastrous Obamacare by transitioning back to how things were. Part of this included Insurance companies doing business across state lines to bring more competition and drive prices down. I believe Government should stay out completely, as nearly everything they get involved with gets messed up.
    If 80 percent of the tax cuts went to the rich, it is only because they paid for it already. I don’t hate the rich as it sounds like you do. The top 2 percent of earners should not be paying over 50 percent of the taxes. Fairness anyone?
    The deficit huh? Obama increased that more than every preceding President combined. I’m sure you were just as outraged then? Shovel ready jobs? Not.
    Cutting and repealing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social security are not part of the Republican platform.
    I suggest less fake news for you.

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