Story Fest Planned In Fair Haven

FAIR HAVEN, NY – Living on the Edge, Fair Haven’s first fall story fest – a celebration of uncertainty, oddity, artistry and amazing events on the shores of an inland sea will take place Oct. 4 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Pleasant Beach Hotel.

A half dozen artists and authors will share stories and imagery related to life on and near the water.

A lake bluff, similar to the location of Joseph Gunther's ghost story.
A lake bluff, similar to the location of Joseph Gunther's ghost story.

Come to be entertained and enlightened as you enjoy original artwork depicting New York’s north coast along with tall tales and true stories about living on the edge.

Presenters and performers include Chaos Theater Productions, several novelists, and two painters.

Oswego author Art Terrill, a long-time sailor and member of the Oswego Yacht Club, will read from a work in progress.

Kunati Press published his ‘The Secret Ever Keeps’ in 2007.

Tirrell is currently working on another Lake Ontario based novel featuring the wreck of the 228-year-old Revolutionary War era battle ship HMS Ontario, discovered last spring.

‘The Bluff’s’ author, Joseph Gunther will be on hand to tell how his children’s ghost story lavishly illustrated by stunning original art work by Sue Sabiston came to be.

He has a deep family connection to the cemetery that is part of the plot of this story of life and death on the edge.

Phil and June MacArthur, after spending 40 years traveling and living in the Florida Keys, Huntsville, Ala., and Austin, Texas, have finally settled back in upstate New York.

Between the two of them they have taught school, worked for temp. agencies, performed as musicians and poets, owned their own music store and written for many newspapers and magazines.

They will tell stories about life in a small town by a big lake.

Susan Peterson Gateley will present a tale or two from her new book ‘Twinkle Toes and the Riddle of the Lake,’ a story for the young and young at heart.

In it, a crabby cat, a lousy navigator and an old wooden sailboat set forth on a trip to Canada.

The cruise soon reveals a puzzling series of deaths and disappearances among the lake’s fishes and birds.

Twinkle Toes decides to find out why.

Like Terrill, Peterson Gateley is a Lake Ontario sailor who currently travels the lake aboard a 32-foot sloop and a 47-foot wooden schooner.

She will also share a couple other stories about living on the edge with old boats and their eccentric associates.

Join them and other area artists and storytellers at the Pleasant Beach Hotel and Restaurant for an afternoon of storytelling, art, and theater featuring tales of pirates, ghosts, mysteries, and other amazing tales of life on the edge (and beyond).

This event is free; donations for presenter expenses are encouraged.

Books signed by the authors and art work will also be available for purchase.

For more information, call 594-1906.