Students Go Beyond The Classroom

Submitted article

On October 18th, the United Way of Greater Oswego County will conduct its 17th annual Walk-A-Thon on the SUNY Oswego campus. The walk, which is a collaborative effort with SUNY Oswego students and Auxiliary Services, will help raise money to support 38 community agencies aligned with United Way.

For the 17th year in a row students in Professor Tina Pieraccini’s Advanced Public Relations course have planned the Walk-A-Thon with United way. Although the seven student committees have already begun the diligent process of planning and laying out future plans, they also look back at the framework that students before them have laid out.

Matthew Murphy, a Public Relations major, was part of the class that helped conduct the 16th annual Walk-A-Thon last fall. He offered this advice to his fellow students:

“For the whole event to work out well, all of the different people have to be on top of getting their share of work done. The rest of the students are counting on you to get what needs to be done, done.”

Looking back on the event, Murphy felt that the experience was not only rewarding

because he was helping the community, but also because it helped him figure out his own career interests.

“It is something that I think will look good on my resume, and it gave me some real field experience in actually planning a PR event from beginning to end…” he said.

The annual United Way Walk-A-Thon benefits the community not only by raising money, but by providing students with a campaign that stretches beyond the classroom. Past students like Matthew Murphy, as well as current students, have an opportunity to put down their books and learn from the generosity of United Way.