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Do you have a question or concern for the Fulton Mayoral Candidates?

Well, here’s your chance to ask!

Oswego County Today is soliciting questions and comments regarding the 2019 Fulton Mayoral Race.
Bring it on. From Crime to water and sewer rates and everything in between, we may use your question in the debate.
Include your name (questions without real names won’t be considered) and a valid email address.

How are Questions selected for The Mayoral debate?

The questions to be included in the debate will be selected by the staff of Oswego County Today. We are looking for concise questions that offer a new perspective or add depth to the discussion of an issue.
Please, be respectful. We will not use personal attacks, questions containing profanity etc.
Due to time constraints, we will not be able to use all questions.
Similar questions will may be consolidated into one.

Please fill out the form below.

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