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September 23, 2018

Posts by: Nicole Reome

County Seeks Additional Wireless Revenues To Develop Statewide Communications Network

Oswego County is looking for the state’s cooperation in the development of a new comprehensive statewide interoperable communication network. To do that, a resolution has been presented, asking the state to tap the funding that is already collected through a Wireless Communications Service surcharge that the state imposes on cellular telephone bills.

Emergency Communications Study Under Way


The first step in the process required to improve Oswego County’s emergency communications system is well underway. This week, Oswego County E-911 director Michael Allen provided the Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee with an update on that project.

Fire Training Center Close To Winter Shut-Down

The Oswego County fire training school is up and running, helping firefighters prepare for the experiences they will meet in the field. Fire Coordinator John Hinds says the county is preparing for the winter shut down and looking forward to the spring, when it will resume its efforts to work out the bugs at the facility and welcome new groups of students.

Oswego County Mourns the Loss of Former Sheriff


Former Oswego County Sheriff Charles F. Nellis died Saturday morning at this home in Parish. Nellis served as Oswego County Sheriff from 1984 through 1998, retiring after four terms in office. Those who worked with him remember Nellis as honest and fair, with a great sense of humor and a compassionate side for children and those less fortunate.

Clock Ticking On County Budget


A month remains before Oswego County lawmakers are required to seal a budget for the coming year. Before that happens, the public and the Legislature will have their say on the plan. The county will host its annual public hearing on the budget Dec. 11 at 2 p.m. After the hearing, the Legislature will have an opportunity to debate potential changes to the spending plan.

County Officials Watch For State Budget Changes


Oswego County municipal leaders are keeping their eyes on the state today, watching for potential changes to the state budget and the affects those changes could have on the county’s bottom line for 2009. According to County Administrator Phil Church, the budget deficit at the state level is making it difficult for counties to seal their own spending plans with confidence.

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