Pet of the Week – Sierra

Sweet Sierra is one in a litter of five black kittens. She and her siblings were born in a barn at the end of August. They have been socialized well with dogs, chickens, cows and grandchildren! Just like a typical kitten, Sierra loves play-time and toys of all kinds. Sierra herself is the chattiest of the bunch and always has a lot to say. […]

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – What to Feed Older Cats

I was on the internet a couple of weeks ago looking for advice about what to feed my cat Leo, who is sort of old and doesn’t have much appetite. I ran across one site that recommended a little bit of onion powder sprinkled in his food and a number of people had commented that it worked for their cats. So I tried it, and it did seem to perk up Leo’s appetite a bit. […]


Pet of the Week – Ollie

Ollie was found outside, lost and all by himself. A nice lady brought in from the cold and agreed to foster him to make sure he gets a warm, snuggly home. She says he is a sweet gentleman, who, once he warms up to you, is always in the mood for cuddling. He is quiet and calm, about a year and half old, with that gorgeous smoky grey coloring. […]

Sherlock and Watson

Pets of the Week – Sherlock and Watson

Sherlock and Watson, we presume, are about 7 months old with, as you can see, unique and complimentary coloring. Sherlock is black with white markings (and a carefully groomed mustache); Watson is white with black markings (and a white tipped tail). These brothers make a great pair and would love to be adopted together. […]