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September 19, 2018


Pet Health

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Why Won’t Cuddles Cuddle?

I just adopted a cat, Cuddles, from a neighbor who had found her under their porch. She was thin but very pretty, so I took her to the vet and had her checked out and vaccinated and all that. I had a hard time catching her under the porch, but I figured she was just scared and would settle in. Boy is she misnamed.


Pet of the Week – Brook

She’s shy – really, really shy and if you adopt her we can guarantee that she will be very slow to warm up to you, no matter how charming you are or how good as a cat whisperer. But if you have a quiet home, i.e. one without a bunch of rambunctious kids and yippy obnoxious dogs, won’t you give pretty Brook a chance?

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – What To Do About Feline’s Nocturnal Shenanigans

A few weeks ago, we adopted a kitten. We already had two dogs who were, to put it kindly, clueless about cats and sort of rowdy. So we went though the long process of introducing Schrodinger (“Schrodinger’s cat,” get it?) to the two dogs very very very carefully. The bottom line is that it worked and now Schro amuses herself by chasing the dogs around the house and they are fascinated by her. She basically sleeps all day while we are all gone and then she does her chasing and playing in the middle of the night.


Pet of the Week – River

This is sweet River, a pretty Calico, about two years old. She loves head scratches, everything she can rub up against, and pick up cuddles. River has a limp; she had endured an injury early this year and her leg healed incorrectly before she came to us. She is not in any pain and is able to use her leg to help her balance so it’s not a big deal.

Porky and Buddy

Buddy and Porky Pet Health – Time For Some After Summer Research

Did you know that you can go to a website called SciStarter.com and sign up to receive information about how to participate in science projects all over the world that are looking for citizen participation? SciStarter has hundreds of such projects on every topic imaginable, but if you search under the category of animals and then specify dogs or cats you will find specific research looking at aspects of companion animals, pet behavior, pet health, and one project that studies the ability of people to accurately identify breeds of dog in a mixed breed dog (Hint: Most people are terrible at it.)


Pet of the Week – Tamara

This sweet young lady, about two years old, is just looking for someone to snuggle up with all day long (or whenever you’re available). She can be a little shy at first, but she comes up to the office staff for pets and nice scratches behind her ears. She is independent and quiet, not one of those pushy attention seeking cats.

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – The Truth About Pit Bulls

I just submitted an application to adopt a pit bull puppy from one of the pit bull rescues in our area. I know that they have a hard time being adopted because of all the myths about them (and because they are, let’s face it, a little homely, so I thought I would do my part to save one. Now my next door neighbor isn’t speaking to me and threatened to call the police if I bring the dog home.


Pet of the Week – Marble

This little lady is soft and has marbled-coloring to her coat. OK, so her name is Marble, sorry we made it that obvious, but this kitty is really the cat’s meow! Marble is a polite young adult who loves to be petted all day long. She’s even quick to show off her beautiful recently-spayed belly! (And she has a tattoo to prove it!)


Pet of the Week – Trinket

She was once lost, alone in the world with no one to care for her. A kindly person gave her food and shelter, and made sure she wasn’t sickly. She showed her appreciation with leg-rubbins and noggin nuzzles – and those haven’t stopped yet! Trinket is ready for a forever home.

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