Dirt Bike

Pet of the Week – Dirt Bike

Dirt bike got his name because he looked super rough around the edges and was very dirty when he was found. He also looked like he had suffered an eye injury before he was rescued. But, he has healed up fine with lots of good care and medications and there is no sign of any impairment to his sight. He cleaned up nicely too, didn’t he? […]


Pet of the Week – Colin

Colin was found outside in the rain, caked in mud. He was sick, but his angel foster mom nursed him back to health, and now he is small for his 6 months but with no lingering health issues. He has tiny white patches on his chest and belly, and if you catch his fur in the right light, you can see black stripes in his black coat! […]

Keke looking for a forever home

Pet of the Week – Keke

Keke is an awesome long-haired torti! Please adopt her. She is great with kids and babies, but has not been introduced to dogs yet and there are no cats in her foster home, so she will need some adjustment in her new home. But she is so sweet and gentle and snuggly that we are confident about her fitting right in. […]


Pet of the Week – Brook

She’s shy – really, really shy and if you adopt her we can guarantee that she will be very slow to warm up to you, no matter how charming you are or how good as a cat whisperer. But if you have a quiet home, i.e. one without a bunch of rambunctious kids and yippy obnoxious dogs, won’t you give pretty Brook a chance? […]

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – What To Do About Feline’s Nocturnal Shenanigans

A few weeks ago, we adopted a kitten. We already had two dogs who were, to put it kindly, clueless about cats and sort of rowdy. So we went though the long process of introducing Schrodinger (“Schrodinger’s cat,” get it?) to the two dogs very very very carefully. The bottom line is that it worked and now Schro amuses herself by chasing the dogs around the house and they are fascinated by her. She basically sleeps all day while we are all gone and then she does her chasing and playing in the middle of the night.


Pet of the Week – River

This is sweet River, a pretty Calico, about two years old. She loves head scratches, everything she can rub up against, and pick up cuddles. River has a limp; she had endured an injury early this year and her leg healed incorrectly before she came to us. She is not in any pain and is able to use her leg to help her balance so it’s not a big deal. […]