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May 28, 2018


Pet Health


Pet of the Week – Dobie

Dobie is a 10-month-old kitten who, as you can see, loves naps! Most of the pictures we receive from his foster are of him nested in his favorite spot in the cat tree. But don’t let his sleepy eyes fool you.

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Reporting Suspected Animal Abuse

I am “friends” on Facebook with a guy who talks all the time about his dogs. I say “friends” in quotes because I don’t really know him or even where he lives, but somewhere around here I think. Anyway, he has started to talk about his dogs in a way that makes me worried that there might be some animal cruelty or at least neglect going on. What I mean is that he admits that one of his dogs got Lyme disease (he thinks) but has never taken her to a vet. And he says weird things about alpha dogs that make me think the he doesn’t really understand that concept but is using it to encourage his dogs to fight with each other.


Pet of the Week – Harry

Harry is a handsome gray lover boy, about ten months old. He tries to play with the grumpy older cats in his foster home and he is trying to teach the dog to play like a cat, but she can’t figure it out. So instead he plays with his humans and his endless supply of little plastic balls. But what he really wants is a kid of his own.

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Real Dogs Eat Quiche, But …

I had a neighbor at my house the other day for lunch and I went to feed my dog, Herbie, some of the leftover quiche, (because he’s a real man and he loves quiche). My neighbor freaked out and started yelling at me about the onions in the quiche and how they could kill Herbie. I never heard of such a thing. Is she right?

Porky and Buddy

Buddy and Porky Pet Health – Putting An End To The ‘Sport’ Of Dog Fights

We know you agree that dog fighting as a “sport” is one of the most monstrous forms of animal cruelty. orcing animals to try to kill each other for entertainment or gaming for profit has no place in our society. Fortunately, the laws to forbid and punish the perpetrators of this crime get stronger every year. But there is a related problem. Dogs seized as living evidence of the crime can end up in legal limbo for months or even years as court cases drag on.


Pet of the Week – Hera

She is a cuddly cat who can’t get enough attention. She will sit on your lap, or right next to you, and probably on your head if she had the chance. She is not a fan of other cats or dogs, but loves any and every human she comes in contact with.


Pet of the Week – Panther

Meet Panther. Isn’t he just a handsome boy? About one year old, he will greet you when you walk in his room and when he is really contented he sort of chirps. A very engaging and sociable cat, he likes other cats, people, kids.

Porky and Buddy

Buddy and Porky Pet Health – The Truth About Easter Rabbits

Here comes the Humane Society again, trying to make you feel guilty about something as harmless as giving your kids a cute little bunny for Easter. But this is serious folks. Ask a rabbit if it’s harmless. There are hundreds of abandoned and surrendered rabbits up for adoption just in the Central New York area and some estimates say that up to 80% of them started out as Easter gifts.


Let Us Make Your Pet Therapy Dreams Come True

Do you know someone who has benefited from a pet therapy visit? Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your community with your pet? Have you dreamed of volunteering as a pet therapy team? Pet Partners of Central New York will be at the Oswego Public Library on April 7 to make your dreams come true. Pet Partners of Central New York invites you to attend a free, one-hour, informational presentation.

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Animal Abuse Registry Details

Could you please send me information on how I can get the names of the people on the Animal Abuse Registry? I just need maybe a website or anything to help me find this information. They have slithered out of sight and I hope I can put them in the spotlight.

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