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September 23, 2018


Pet Health

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – The Dangers of Domestic Abuse

Last week, you talked about the issue of seniors moving out of their homes and how to deal with their pets. That’s an important problem I know, because, well, we all get old. But here’s another one that I would like some advice about. What about pets in homes where there is domestic violence? Are they also at risk of abuse?

Wendy Darling

Pet Of The Week – Wendy

Wendy Darling is the sweet and loving caretaker of her litter, with remarkable tortoiseshell coloring throughout her soft fur. She certainly has a soft spot in her heart for all orphaned creatures and tends to mother her siblings with much love and attention. She will be available for adoption starting July 20.

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Grandmother Wants Her Cats With Her

My grandmother, who is 96, has to go into an assisted living care facility in the near future as she can’t take care of herself adequately at home any more. She is fighting us on this. Not because she really thinks she can live on her own, but because she won’t leave her cats, Mindy and Mork.

Peter Pan

Pet of the Week – Peter Pan

This rambunctious orange tabby is a magical kitten who is ready to chase his shadow around your home. He is equal parts playful and curious, and craves a forever home. He will be available for adoption starting July 20.

Porky and Buddy

Porky and Buddy Pet Health – The Dangers Of Blue-Green Algae

I keep hearing dire reports about blue-green algae and how dangerous it is to dogs. But, how are you supposed to know if there are such algae in water? My dog, Bud loves to jump into any body of water he sees. It could be Lake Ontario. It could be just a puddle accumulated after a rain storm.


Pet of the Week – Lip

Lip has a very unusual story. She was found outside, hungry and in pain with what looked like a bite injury to her mouth. The vet diagnosed healing ulcers in her mouth and lips (hence the name), apparently caused by a virus. She was given good care and is now all healed and healthy and ready for a forever home!

Jupiter looking for a forever home

Pet of the Week – Jupiter

Jupiter is the solar system’s most curious cat. He can be a little shy at first, but will find himself inching closer and closer wanting to know what you’re all about. He loves playing in the cat tunnel most of all and really enjoys batting around balls with bells inside.


Pet of the Week – Cinna

Cinna, as you can see, is one handsome dude. But, it’s not just looks. He is also extremely playful. He loves antagonizing the older cat in his foster home (but in a good way) so we expect that he will make friends with your cats.

Porky and Buddy

Porky & Buddy Pet Health – Is The Oswego Dog Park Safe?

At first, I was pleased to learn that the city of Oswego just opened its new Dog Park. But to be honest, the more I think about it, I am a bit leery about taking my dogs there. How can I be sure that they will be safe? I see all kinds of potential problems with fighting, fleas, illness, you name it.

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