Deana Michaels Wins Fulton Mayoral Election In Landslide

Woman stands in front of waterfront
Photo provided by Deana Michaels

FULTON – After months of campaigning, Deana Michaels (R) came out as the victor on Election Day, Nov. 5, winning 237 more votes than her three opponents combined.

“The future of Fulton is bright,” Michaels said during her victory speech. “And I am excited to be the one who is going to lead us there… I look forward to working with you as we make Fulton the place where people want to live, work and visit.”

She won 1,331 votes out of 2,458 ballots counted.

Dan Farfaglia in front of greenery
Photo provided by Dan Farfaglia.

Daniel Farfaglia (D) won 763 votes.

“The campaign team did the best we could,” Farfaglia said. “We were outspent by a more than 2-1 margin, but still raised enough money to run a competitive race and get our message out there. I congratulate Mayor-Elect Deana Michaels and hope Fulton moves forward.”


Ethan Parkhurst in front of American flag.
Photo provided by Ethan Parkhurst.

Ethan Parkhurst (I, TPV) won 215 votes.

“I think we are headed in the right direction, and I hope whole heartedly that Mrs. Mayor-Elect Deana Michaels can get us there,” Parkhurst said. “I think she’ll do great and I hope for the best, and it there’s anything that I can do to help her and her administration, I am more than willing to turn over my play book.”

Parkhurst said he is glad that more people voted in this election than the last general election, and to have received 215 votes as an Independent candidate. He said he is honored to have been involved in community activities and getting to know those in the city government during the past year. He also said he applauds Farfaglia and Webber for putting up a good run.

Dave Webber in front of plain backdrop
Photo provided by Dave Webber.

David Webber (I) won 116 votes.

“I congratulate Deana Michaels on her resounding victory, and wish her good luck in leading our city into 2020,” Webber said. “I will always be there to help in any way I can. While I was embarrassed by the results, I knew it was difficult to win against the two major parties. They have all the resources. So, she won, and I want her to be successful.”

Michaels will begin her administration Jan. 1.

“I am humbled by the community’s response on Election Day. The future of Fulton is bright and I am honored to have earned the vote to be the next mayor of Fulton,” Michaels said. “Now the hard work begins. I am confident that with active leadership, clear vision and strong collaboration,  the future of Fulton will be a great success!”

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  1. Its deplorable when only 2458 people felt it important enough to elect a new city leader. That’s roughly 21% of the overall population. Lets hope the new Mayor has a REAL strategy (beyond asking for state handouts or forming toothless think tank committees) to fix:
    – the issue of 26% of residents living at or below the poverty line.
    – over 50% of the budget alloted to funding city employee retirement coverage.
    – rundown downtown.
    – flight of manufacturing jobs and lack of new blue collar business investment.

  2. I am new to fulton but so far I really like it here. People are friendly and helpful. My neighbors are great.

  3. Congratulations to Deana Michaels. Is she the first female mayor of Fulton? The change that has been occurring in The Oswego city and County area probably needs to continue as much as It can, instead of slowing down. Hopefully, her being elected will be a part of that.

  4. I am a new resident to the City of Fulton and I too was shocked at the low turnout to vote. Local elections are the most important elections to cast a vote. They are what directly has an effect on the people living in the city. I hope Ms. Michaels once in office can do something to reduce the extremely high taxes in Fulton and find a way to use the tax money to improve the conditions in Fulton such as the roads for one. My family does not like to even come to Fulton to visit because they say it is like driving through a mine field. Good luck to you Ms. Michaels it seems to me you have a lot of work ahead of you.

  5. Rethink the $2-4 million walking trail. It’ll become a garbage dump and a huge waste of money. How many people do you think walk each day? How many do you think drive. You’re gonna have needles, animal and crime problems. We have a lake to make beautiful if you just use your imagination.

    Buy a paver, fix the roads and rent it out to other cities to recoup our money.
    Is this going to be the same old same old like urban renewal was?
    You can only do so much with waisting that DRI money.
    People may move here just for the safety alone…Syracuse is a war zone.
    Populations attract business not the other way around because I don’t see a lot of major employers coming here…but let’s hope.

  6. I agree with OH NO. Fix what’s there before wasting money on things we dont need right now! Homeless people breaking in people’s home. Druggies! Do something about that! Homes with red x’s. Come on ! Does it have to slap someone in the face before they see the whole picture?

  7. Im hoping that Deanna Micheals can clean up this city that i once knew as a wonderful city. Get the jobs back and keep the drugs away so our kids wont be afraid to go to the park and find needles on the slides. The roads really need lots of help but first lets make this city come to life again.

  8. I agree with Oh No also. How about we deal with the problems plaguing Fulton now. Look at the homeless population. The trap houses (4 on W 4th St S alone). You can’t bring in business and money without addressing these issues first. Stop pushing for money for projects that make your bank money. We need to step away from bankers in politics. Lets find real people who actually live next door to these drug houses. If you want to get a grant, get one to beef up our police force.

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