DRI Local Planning Committee Discusses Final Project Slate

Line of people sit at a table
Members of the LPC at the Feb. 20 meeting. Photo by: Kassadee Paulo

FULTON – The Downtown Revitalization Initiative Local Planning Committee met yesterday, Thursday, Feb. 20 at 3 p.m. in the Fulton Municipal Building to discuss the final slate of proposed projects recommended by the LPC workgroups.

In accordance with the timeline, the LPC was scheduled to vote on a final slate at the meeting, but considering many of the LPC members were not there and those in attendance still wished to discuss some projects further, they decided to postpone the vote. 

Sarah Oral of Cameron Engineering, the consultant working with the LPC, said they need to vote before the next and final public outreach meeting, March 19, to keep the timeline on track.

Oral presented the slate of projects recommended by the workgroups and the proposed funding amount. Some projects in discussion are contingent on factors such as site control and pricing (signified by *).

At the time of the meeting the following is what was presented as the final slate to recommend to the state to make a final decision. Some of this information may change before it is voted on. Note, the list is in alphabetical order. 

  • 310-312 Division St.
    • Total cost: $559,000
    • DRI funding: $111,800
  • 533 S. 4th St. 
    • Total cost: $4,576,000
    • DRI funding: $915,200
  • Canalview Mall
    • Total cost: $195,700
    • DRI funding: $39,140
  • Canalview Marina Revitalization 
    • Total cost: $3,250,000
    • DRI funding: all
  • Cayuga St. Cafe (at the previous Kathy’s Cakes site)
    • Total cost: $163,300
    • DRI funding: $32,660
  • CNY Community Arts Center, Phase 3
    • Total cost: $440,000 
    • DRI funding: $320,000
  • Dizzy Block Brewing
    • Total cost: $180,400
    • DRI funding: $36,080
  • Empire Drone Company, Phase 3
    • Total cost: $325,000
    • DRI funding: $65,000
  • Fast Casual Restaurant, 371 S. 2nd St.
    • Total cost: $684,000
    • DRI funding: $136,800
  • Fiber Optics/WiFi *
    • Total cost: $200,000
    • DRI funding: all
  • Fulton Family Medicine
    • Total cost: $110,579
    • DRI funding: $22,115.80
  • Fulton Historic District and Downtown Marketing
    • Total cost: $100,000
    • DRI funding: $50,000
  • Fulton Microenterprise/Small Business Loan Fund
    • Total cost: $1,000,000
    • DRI funding: $600,000
  • Fulton Multi-use Trails
    • Total cost: $1,640,420
    • DRI funding: $820,000
  • Fulton Public Library
    • Total cost: $310,375
    • DRI funding: all
  • Gateway Square 
    • Total cost: $2,000,000
    • DRI funding: $400,000
  • Huhtamaki Packaging Upgrades
    • Total cost: $2,100,000
    • DRI funding: $420,000
  • Indoor Sports Complex *
    • Total cost: $2,500,000
    • DRI funding: $500,000
  • King’s Road Inn and Coffee Shop *
    • Total cost: $700,000
    • DRI funding: $140,000
  • NYS 481 Gateway Pedestrian Crossing/Streetscape
    • Note, the LPC will further discuss the funding amount in condition of another project falling through
    • Total cost: $400,000
    • DRI funding: all
  • Oswego County IDA Manufacturing Building
    • Total cost: $4,300,000
    • DRI funding: $795,000
  • Oswego Health Urgent Care Expansion
    • Total cost: $3,271,000
    • DRI funding: $2,000,000
  • Riverside East Housing/Retail *
    • Total cost: $3,750,000
    • DRI funding: $750,000
  • Tavern on the Lock Expansion
    • Total cost: $145,000
    • DRI funding: $29,000
  • YMCA *
    • Total cost: $4,942,100
    • DRI funding: $988,420
  • Zoning Updates
    • Note, this project amount may increase.
    • Total cost: $100,000
    • DRI funding: all

The rest of the projects may not have been ready to move forward for reasons of site control, funding or feasability.

Projects to be listed as potential interested projects under Proposed Grant/Loan Fund: (Note some of these projects may no longer wish to go forward in funding. The proposed grant/loan fund may give funding to small businesses with a new application process.)

  • Blue Moon Grill rooftop
  • Chocolate Works Museum feasibility study
  • Condo rooftop
  • Eastern Shore Insurance windows
  • Fort Frisbee
  • Gosch Electric facade improvements
  • Mama Gina’s bar expansion
  • Red Baron Pizza renovations

Projects to be listed as Important Projects for Fulton:

  • Behavioral Urgent Care
  • Cayuga St. Breezeway Atrium 
  • Nestle Site Master Plan and Development

The LPC decided to figure out a good time for them to meet briefly the week of March 2 to make a final decision on the slate of proposed projects. The final outcome will be announced at the next public outreach meeting on March 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Community Room of the Fulton Municipal Building.

More information on the DRI can be found here.


  1. Funny how the Kings Road Cafe Coffee House went from a total cost of $120,000/DRI request of $24,000 to now The King’s Road Inn and Coffee Shop total cost of $700,000/DRI funding of $140,000. This is a small house that the owner got from the city 6 or 7 years ago for $5,000 and has not done a thing with it. I sure nepotism has nothing to do with this… after all the owner sits on the DRI committee. This is a money grab for sure!

  2. Buffalo Billions first, Now Fulton Millions! So much nepotism they are bumping into each other. IDA lying about a manufacturing bldg. It will be a another money source for them and a money loss for the City and the taxpayers.

  3. This sounds like a corrupt deal going down to me. I would like an explanation on why the owners are on dri and then let’s hear why the increase in money as well. I’ll get the popcorn and wait….

  4. Nepotism: I’m not sure it’s a case of nepotism as much as a case of; no matter the public input they were going to do as they wished with the money. Regardless of that. The process of the Dri is a tough cookie. Unfortunately it seems to me the money was awarded to us and we have a certain criteria we have absolutely got to meet or the state will not reimburse the funds to the projects. Each meeting has been a “public input session” from what I have read and seen.. but let’s not be foolish, the plans and the people involved were always going to get this outcome. No matter what the public says because it was planned out from the beginning of last year.
    I’ll speak now as one of the 4 mayor candidates.
    What we’re seeing in fulton is nothing short of what I already expected. As I’m sure everyone else that knows what has been going on for the past 20 years or so inside our city government. What I predict the future to be is nothing less than what it is right now. Hope, plans, and small executions to keep the public at bay. When big money comes into play everyone and everything in the “eyes of the man” become wolves in sheep clothing. What’s done is done. Let’s try and be positive for our city and know in our hearts something good must come of all of this!
    There is not much that could go backwards with a new mayor walking into office with the future already laid out. Congratulations on the projects that have a grand plan and I look forward to the new image the new administration brings to our city.
    ~Ethan Parkhurst

  5. Any person who has put forth a project to be considered for DRI monies should not be on any of the deciding committees. This is what was done years ago when the so-called ‘urban renewal ” took place and we all know how that turned out.

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