DRI Planning Committee Meets For The First Time

Group of people at tables
Don Patrick Jr and Michael Treadwell (middle) are the co-chairs to the LPC.

FULTON – The newly formed Local Planning Committee for the Downtown Revitalization Initiative met for the first time today, Thursday, Oct. 10 in the Municipal Building community room. 

This is the first step toward Fulton’s downtown transforming and improving. This first meeting’s purpose was to introduce the committee to each other and to educate them on the DRI, which awarded the city with $10 million.

The committee will begin making decisions in their coming meetings. Today they discussed the phrasing of their vision statement and meeting times. 

Co-chairs Donald Patrick Jr. (Common Council president) and Michael Treadwell (executive director of Operation Oswego County Inc. and a member of the CNYREDC) are the heads of a committee consisting of Fulton residents and state employees. 

Group of people at tables
Committee members at the first LPC meeting.

The LPC committee members include:

  • Nancy Weber 
  • David Turner
  • Jeff Coakley
  • Nancy Fox 
  • Mark Southwick 
  • Brian Pulvino 
  • Caroline Chatterton 
  • Linda Egan 
  • Brian Durant  
  • Michael Pollock

    Group of people at tables
    LPC committee members at the meeting.
  • Fred Aldrich
  • Leah Haggerty
  • Katie Toomey 
  • Kim Doyle 
  • Kristen Collins 
  • Jim Farfaglia 
  • Robert Weston
  • Marie Mankiewicz 
  • Brittney Jerred
  • David Mankiewicz

The staff members involved include:

  • Joe Fiumara
  • Dennis Hawthorne
  • CJ Smith
  • Dan O’Brien
  • Julie Sweet
  • Patricia O’Reilly
  • Jim Fayle
  • Colleen Deacon

The consultant team includes members of Cameron Engineering:

  • Kevin McAndrew
  • Sarah Oral
  • David Tepper
  • Michael Keane
  • Janice Jijina

Sub-consultants include:

  • Environmental Design & Research 
  • 4ward Planning Inc.
  • Marvel Architecture
  • Island Guide, Web Design

During the meeting, Sarah Oral, Kevin McAndrew and Julie Sweet explained to the new committee their expectations to be transparent and ethical by following a code of conduct. They reviewed the process of the DRI and what the timeline will look like. There will be public engagement meetings for the public to share their ideas and one LBC meeting per month. 

There will be an official website dedicated to the DRI’s plans, meetings, decisions and other related topics. 

Projects must be approved by the LPC and the state. The 26 projects in the DRI application are not guaranteed to receive funding. Projects that were not included in the initial application should be “shovel-ready” within the near future. 

Eligible project proposals can be submitted Oct. 11 through Nov. 8 to be considered by the LPC. Interested parties should go to this link or the Fulton Community Development Office, located at 125 W. Broadway St. in Fulton to get an application.

The first public meeting will be Nov. 7 from 6 to 8 p.m., location TBD. 

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