Fulton Common Council, Mayoral Elections: Coverage Collection

Graphic says Fulton Election 2019

FULTON – Election Day, Nov. 5, is quickly approaching and Oswego County Today has gathered a comprehensive collection of coverage focusing on the Fulton Common Council and mayoral elections.

Mayoral Election:

Dan Farfaglia is running under the Democratic, Working Family and Independent parties. 

Deana Michaels is running under the Republican and Conservative parties. 

Ethan Parkhurst is running under Independent, People’s Voice party.

David Webber is running under Independent, but is a registered Conservative. 

Past Coverage:

  • See the candidates’ interview videos here. They introduce themselves, why they are running and what issues are important to them.
  • Oswego County Today hosted a debate between all four candidates on Oct. 4. The video for it is here.

New Coverage:

Just before Election Day, Oswego County Today revisited some of the most discussed issues throughout Fulton and asked each candidate how they would act upon them. Their responses on the issues can be found here.

Common Council Election:

First Ward – Incumbent Tom Kenyon (Conservative) is running for re-election unopposed. 

Second Ward – Incumbent David Ritchie (Conservative) is running for re-election against Ernesto Garcia (Democrat) and Douglas Chapman (Republican).

Third Ward – Incumbent Donald Patrick Jr (Democrat, Conservative) is running for re-election unopposed. 

Fourth Ward – Incumbent Samuel Vono (Republican) is running for re-election against John Kenyon (Conservative).

Fifth Ward – Incumbent Dennis Merlino (Democrat and Independent Fulton Action Party) is running for re-election against Audrey Avery (Republican, Conservative).

Sixth Ward – Incumbent Lawrence Macner (Democrat who is cross-endorsed by the Republican and Conservative parties) is running for re-election unopposed. 

Past Coverage:

  • Meet the Common Council candidates here as they introduce themselves and the issues they believe in. 

New Coverage:

Right before Election Day, Oswego County Today asked the candidates for the Second Ward, Fourth Ward and Fifth Ward the same questions on a few issues throughout the city. 

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5 and the outcomes will determine the city’s new local government administration. Common Council terms last two years and mayoral terms last four years.