Meet The Library’s Animal Artist On July 9

OSWEGO, NY – Meet the artist behind the library’s amazing animal sculptures by his Wildebeasts over the Local History Room on July 9 at 1:30 p.m.

We have been fortunate to enjoy a dozen Nick D’Innocenzo originals the last couple months and will continue to enjoy the thundering sunset as it is on permanent loan.

Photo of the artist, Nick D'Innocenzo. by Candace M. Paris
Photo of the artist, Nick D'Innocenzo. by Candace M. Paris

The rest of his gorgeous animals will return to their owners sometime after the summer ends.

Not hibernation, but another in a long series of migrations.

D’Innocenzo has been a wonderful artist to work with and will be a joy to hear discuss his work / passion on July 9.

Among his accomplishments, he was Oswego County as Artist of the Year in 1999.

His two-story, welded steel clock tower in Oswego State’s Quad was unveiled in 1987.

Now retired from SUNY Oswego, he is working on a series of panoramic prints of the locks on the Oswego Canal and a seven-foot tall composite of animals that he has titled “Animi Absurdi.”

The animals are made from mixed materials such as roof flashing, aluminum and pop rivets, muslin, wood, and welding rod.

D’Innocenzo loves animals and shared his creations with the library so many people can enjoy them.

Photo of Rhino by Edward Elsner
Photo of Rhino. by Edward Elsner

Creating animal sculptures is fun for him because it is quite the opposite of other things he does, like painting on a computer.

His pieces are entitled:

Two Birds
Gull with Fish
Screaming Baboon
Two Birds Responding to the Moon


Nick D’Innocenzo is a professor emeritus of art, graphic designer and fine arts. He holds a bachelor of science degree in art education from State University of New York at Buffalo and a master of fine arts degree in sculpture and design, from Cranbrook Academy of Art. His award-winning work has graced the Art Association of Oswego and the gallery at Arts & Culture for Oswego County among others. Among his accomplishments, D’Innocenzo was honored by Arts & Culture for Oswego County as Artist of the Year in 1999. Also, his two-story, welded steel clock tower has been a notable presence on the campus of the State University College at Oswego since 1987. The following year, D’Innocenzo crafted medals for the winners in the college’s annual piano competition, which draws musicians from around Central New York.