Menter Ambulance Plans for Expansion

FULTON, NY – A long standing Fulton business is set to nearly triple its size with a building expansion.

Menter Ambulance Service has bought or acquired several properties adjacent to the Fulton central headquarters location at 404 Ontario St.

The building, currently 5,600 sq. ft., will nearly triple in size to accommodate staff and equipment having doubled since 2013.

After demolishing the acquired properties of 423 Erie St. as well as 108, 116, and 118 N. Fifth St., the land will be used for expansion following preliminary designs for a 16,000 sq. ft. steel building.

Pending closing of one final property, Menter’s president and CEO, Zach Menter, anticipates demolition to begin this year.

Several purchasing decisions and administrative necessities will be taken care of before the building expansion will begin, he added.

Menter Ambulance currently houses 16 advanced life support ambulances and more than 130 staff members throughout stations in Fulton, Oswego, and Central Square, located to adequately service the cities and surrounding towns and villages throughout Oswego County with both emergent and non-emergent transport services.

Roughly 88 percent of response calls come through 911 dispatch while the other 12 percent are inner facility transport. Menter handles roughly 50 percent of all EMS calls in Oswego County.

“With our fleet size, personnel, and equipment having doubled, it’s necessary and a good time to expand,” Zach Menter said.

The undertaking of the building expansion may be the first of its size but expanding is not a new concept in the history of Menter Ambulance, Zach Menter said.

His grandfather, the late Alfred Menter purchased the ambulatory service now known as Menter Ambulance in 1952 from Frank Spaulding.

The purchased yielded the Menter family one ambulance and two hearses and was financed through a local physician.

Alfred Menter ran the service out of a household garage on South First Street in Fulton.

In 1980, under leadership of the next generation, the business moved to a neighborhood garage at the Menter home on Nestle Ave.

By 1997, the business had grown too large to run out of a small garage. The Menter’s purchased the building they are still located in today, 404 Ontario Street.

Now, under a third generation operating manager, the business will undergo the largest expansion yet after 66 years of operation in Fulton.

“It’s certainly an honor to run this service just like my grandfather and my father did,” Zach Menter said. “Menter has become a household name in the community and we have a lot of pride in it. It’s not an easy business, but we take great pride in the successes we’ve achieved.”

With three sons of his own, Zach Menter is hopeful the business will stay in the family for generations to come.

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  1. They trulyare superfamily My Husband started part time( worked at Morris Press) when Al was onFirst Street, Infact Him and Jimmy learned it together ofcourse Jim went on and has done a super job building it up and Can’t say enough about Zack and his group making sure Fulton and Area will always have MENTER to be there for us when needed: They make sure they have the best equipments and best train staff, Fulton is lucky Thank You

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