Protecting Reproductive Freedom is a Popular Priority

Have you ever learned something and felt both surprised and not surprised at the same time? That was my experience recently when I read a new poll revealing that 1 in 8 voters rank abortion as a top issue. Wow, 1 in 8 seems like a lot, but then again, protecting the right to an abortion is absolutely essential for people so they have the power to choose their own future. That freedom is under attack right now.

Since the overturn of Roe in the Dobbs decision in June 2021 by the Supreme Court, multiple states’ politicians have passed abortion restrictions and bans. This is creating an unequal society because people who need abortions in those states are facing increased risks to their health or life. It pains me to think that the state one lives in could cause them to die a preventable death.

Our Congressman Brandon Williams supports a 15 week abortion ban. He also wants to make it impossible for active duty service members who need abortions to travel outside their duty area to get the care they need. This is exactly what happened for Democratic congressional candidate Sarah Klee Hood when she was active duty in the USAF. He also supports the Life at Conception Act, which gives IVF frozen embryos personhood and rights.

Count me as one of the eight. And count me as a voter who will be voting out Brandon Williams this November as my effort to protect reproductive freedom.

*Source for poll:

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