See The 2019 Fulton Mayoral Debate Here

2019 Fulton mayoral candidates Dan Farfaglia, Deana Michaels, Ethan Parkhurst and Dave Webber debated the issues Thursday, Oct. 3 at the CNY Community Arts Center.

A big thank you to CNY Community Arts Center and Bellionaire Studios. Thank you to the candidates for being professional and respectful.

I would also like to say all four candidates are working hard to make Fulton better. It is important to remember they are stepping forward to do a job most people do not want to do. I say thank you to all four of them and wish them all good luck.

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  1. Mayoral candidates Dan Farfaglia, Deana Michaels, Ethan Parkhurst and Dave Webber – good debate.
    Everyone talked about zombie properties, yet no one discussed zombie businesses
    The old 711, the old rent a center across the street from the old 711, the old domino’s building, family video to name a few. What is going on w/ the old hotel across from Byrne? Can’t the city buy it and rehab it into something? What about the old Catholic Charites building what’s going on w/ that? Can that be rehab’d and possibly made a senior center?
    Everyone talked about grants for city and city businesses, yet no one mentioned grants for homeowners who are over income guidelines for grant money to improve their properties Block builders is not the 100% answer
    Walking trails are not the answer to the DRI grant, maybe in the future but those walking trails will soon become needle infested we have to get the opioid epidemic under control first, we are making strides but walking along the river you still find needles, less than a year ago though and that is good progress
    The Rehab center is an interesting idea that I think could work BUT it has to be used in conjunction w/ Farnham and Cocoa -but the wait times w/ Farnham and Cocoa are insane. Some questions though: How big a facility? Where would this facility be? Minimum stay? Will there be law enforcement there? How are you going to ensure they complete the inpatient treatment?
    Another interesting idea was the foot patrols visibility of our police force will help deter the drug problem or at the very least make it a little more difficult. Yet our men and women in law enforcement safety should come first
    Outsourcing our water bad idea
    Grant writers good idea
    Clothing store? Where?
    Movie theater that is a great idea, where?
    Hotel and convention center good idea, but who are you going to fill it with?
    We need an “epi-center” if you will, a place with in walking distance for everyone in the city, a place w/ new growth, new technologies, family atmosphere, well lit, police presence place where all of our community can gather in a safe, fun environment.

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