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October 19, 2018



September 8's run highlighted Parents of Special Children. Leroy Collins is joined by Theresa Familo, director, and reps from Life Matters and POSC. Some friends heard about the runs and wanted to participate, Collins said. "They loved to run for that cause. I think there’s about 30 people that contacted me that heard about it and want to run in Mexico," he added.

Fulton Man Runs For Life – 5K At A Time

For Leroy Collins, life matters. And recently, he’s been running all over to drive home that message. “I started running 5Ks to bring awareness to the not-for-profit organization in different cities that do great work, but have limited resources,” he said. His efforts help bring attention to organizations that help fight homelessness, hunger, abuse and those that support education, cancer research, ALS research and others.

Fulton Gears Up for 2018 Red Raiders Basketball Challenge

This weekend, Fulton will transform into a basketball hub for several youth travel teams to partake in the 2018 Fulton Red Raider Basketball Challenge. The tournament will include teams from third grade through eighth grade, hosting games at four schools throughout the Fulton City School District and at the Fulton War Memorial. Games will begin on Friday, March 16 and will continue through Sunday, March 18.

Fulton Issues Drinking Water Warning, Boil Water Advisory for Specific Location

Due to a 16th water main break near Canalview Mall on State Route 481 the water pressure at your home or business has been dramatically reduced and you probably have low pressure or no water at the present time. Therefore, the City of Fulton is issuing this precautionary boil water advisory to those affected on Rte. 481 between East Broadway and Utica streets and two buildings on Academy Street. The water main break has been isolated to a very small area and will remain so until adequate repairs are made. Read more for additional information, tips, and resources to contact.

Fulton Family Grows By Five After National Adoption Day

Overseen by judges of the Fifth Judicial District of the New York State Unified Court System and Onondaga County Executive Joannie Mahoney, dozens of local families took their turn to welcome new additions with official adoption finalization proceedings at Syracuse’s 17th Annual National Adoption Day. For one Fulton family, this meant celebrating five children officially welcomed to the Hotchkiss family. Esperanza Hotchkiss, 28, had been fostering two sets of siblings ranging in age from three to 12 and on Friday (Nov 17) she officially took them in as her own.

Fulton City Officials Recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month

A Mayoral Proclamation has recognized October 2017 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the City of Fulton, recognizing the 30th anniversary of a nationwide effort born from victim service providers and survivors to raise awareness of the epidemic of domestic violence. Members of SAF, Oswego County’s domestic violence and rape crisis center were present at a recent meeting of the Fulton Common Council to accept the proclamation. Oswego County Opportunities (OCO) Services to Aid Families (SAF) has provided crisis, supportive, advocacy, and educational services throughout Oswego County for 30 years. SAF served nearly 550 survivors and answered more than 2,300 calls on its Crisis Hotline in 2016, however, crimes of domestic and sexual violence remain vastly underreported, the proclamation detailed.

Fulton Women’s League Seeks More Bowlers

A new Women’s Handicap Bowling League is forming in Fulton. Competition is set every Thursday beginning at 7 p.m. at Lakeview Lanes located at 723 West Broadway beginning September 7, 2017 and running for 30 weeks. Each team is composed of three members, each bowling three games per week.

Fulton Native Plays Among The Best on NYC Based Basketball Team, Ranked 8th in Nation

Having just turned 16 years old, Fulton native Ryan Michaels is playing among some of the best young basketball players in the nation with his role on the NYC based team, the NY Jayhawks. With immense dedication, Michaels travels to NYC on a weekly basis and to several states across the country each weekend to play in tournaments with and against fellow basketball players headed to Division 1 colleges and even the NBA.

Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward Sr. supports the county's plan. It would benefit the whole county, he said.

County Moves Ahead With Intermunicipal Sewer District Plan

Capital project #192 was established in 2009 for the purpose of advancing municipal sewer service from the city of Fulton into the town of Volney. The project was designed and approved – but never funded. Now, the county is proposing to construct “Section 2,” which would provide service along Route 176 and most of Howell Road. This would include the airport and the adjacent industrial park properties.

Tim Conners Begins Trek To Top of Mount Kilimanjaro

Today (May 26), some 7,556 miles from Fulton, Tim Conners will start his journey to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro at it’s peak height of 19,341 feet, the highest point on the African continent. Conners, a 22-year-old Fulton native, is climbing the mountain as part of his fundraiser mission, MounTimPossible to give back to organizations he says saved his life and to share his mantra to “redefine possible.”

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