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October 15, 2018


pet health

Buddy & Porky: About Animal Cruelty

Dear Porky and Buddy,

I heard on the news last night about two boys being arrested for animal cruelty for basically terrorizing a cat and posting what they did on the internet. Thank goodness the cat wasn’t physically harmed, but if so, is it still cruelty under the law? And a couple of weeks ago I read about some people being arrested for starving their horses almost to death. If they weren’t feeding their animals how come no one caught them sooner? What does New York law say about all this?

Buddy & Porky’s Pet Health: Helping The Pets Of Haiti

Dear Porky and Buddy,

I have been following events in Haiti and sending in donations to several organizations whose work I respect to help with the terrible human suffering. But now I am thinking about the animals too. Are there a lot of animals in Haiti and is anyone helping them? Is there any way I can help with those efforts too?

Buddy & Porky: Meet An Abandon Kitten

Buster, an abandoned cat.We doubt that people who read this column would do such a thing anyway, but if you see what you think is an act of animal abandonment, try to get a license plate number or a description and call 911. Don’t tolerate it. Not for a minute.

Buddy & Porky: What To Do With An Abandoned Pet?

Dear Porky and Buddy,

Help! Two weeks ago I rescued a stray kitten, took her to the vet for a health check, made a big effort to find her owner, (without success) and now I really need to find her a permanent home, as I really can’t keep her. Do you have any suggestions about how to go about doing that?

Buddy & Porky’s Pet Health: A Frantic Dog, Home Alone

Dear Buddy,

I just adopted a new dog, Amelia. She is about nine months old and she is perfect except for one thing. Whenever I leave the house, even for short periods, when I come back it seems that she has been frantic and destructive the whole time. I know I could leave her in a crate and prevent this, but since I work during the day, I would prefer that she have the run of the house if I can just get her to stop this behavior.

Buddy & Porky’s Pet Health: Puppy Mills

I keep hearing about puppy mills and how you shouldn’t buy puppies that come from them.  But what is a puppy mill?  Why shouldn’t you buy dogs from them?  How can you tell that a puppy came from a puppy mill?  What if I really want a specific breed, not just a mutt?

Humane Society Warns Of Pet Food Recall

This is important.  Last week,  Mars Petcare announced a voluntary recall of products manufactured at its Everson, Pennsylvania facility. The pet food is being recalled because of potential contamination with Salmonella.

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