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October 18, 2018



County, Scriba Moves On With Nuke Deal Without School District

“We haven’t reversed our position.  There is too much money left on the table,” the president of the Oswego school board said. They feel Nine Mile I should be paying closer to $18 million rather than $11 million. However, by not joining the one-year deal, reps from the county and town say the school district runs the risk of receiving even less.

Oswego School Board Rejects Nuclear Tax Deal

Jim Tschudy, center, makes his case at Wednesday's special meeting  of the Oswego school board. At left is board member John Dunsmoor. At  right is board president Sam Tripp.

BREAKING NEWS: The Oswego City School District voted against accepting a one-year PILOT agreement with the owners of Nine Mile Unit I. Wednesday night’s vote, 5-1-1, followed a nearly 45-minute executive session. Board Vice President Jim Tschudy voted against the move to reject the deal and member Sean Madden was absent.

Fulton Sells Another Tax-Foreclosed Home at a Small Profit

A third city-owned house has been sold, for more than it was worth.

The city seized 862 West First St. in April, 2009 for unpaid property taxes. It’s a one-family home, 1,300 square feet, with three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms.

The home is assessed at $62,000. It was listed for sale at $74,900. It sold for $79,000.

New York Reaches Tax Freedom Day Later than Most States

Only Connecticut and New Jersey will reach Tax Freedom Day later than New York, according to the annual study recently released by the Tax Foundation. April 23 is our day of tax reprieve, said Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski)—almost two full weeks later than the national average of April 9.

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