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City of Fulton Softball League Results for Sunday, June 29

12:00 F(W-D)  Shepard Enterprises got a 7-0 win over 4 Season’s Contracting/FTS/Poormans. 1:00 F(W-D) 4 Season’s Contracting/FTS/Poormans rallied past Shepard Enterprises, 26-14.  After nearly dethroning the undefeated team Thursday, Shepard Enterprise was poised to upset […]

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From The Editor's Desk

Monday’s Briefing: Gov. Nice Guy (Not)

How nice is too nice, when you’re the Governor?  One lawmaker gets an earful about the cost of a tankful.  And why a trip to Auburn might bring into into close contact with a bit of living history, all in today’s briefing.