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Sandra Scott Travels: Enjoy Some Quiet Time In Bali

If the show tune “Bali Ha’i” makes you think of the Indonesian island of Bali that is understandable. But, the song from the musical “South Pacific” actually refers to a mystical island visible on the horizon but unreachable. Bali is reachable and is a popular vacation destination known for its forested mountain, beaches and coral reefs plus it is a favorite for those looking for yoga and meditation retreats. However, I think they have one special day that would be helpful if every place had one day like Bali’s Nyepi, a “Day of Silence.” […]


Pet of the Week – Lasagna

Lasagna is a 1.5-year-old female, calico, domestic short-hair cat. She recently had a litter of kittens and was such a good mother, but is now spayed. All her kits are al dente and now it’s Lasagna’s turn for a saucy new forever home. […]