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October 21, 2018



More ice, please

Sandra Scott Travels: Americans Can Be ‘Weird’

Our culture is so pervasive that many of our customs have caught on worldwide and most people around the world accept our idiosyncrasies. I love a lot of ice in my drinks and so do many other people. Foreigners think that putting ice in a drink waters it down so you don’t get the full value of what you are buying. If everyone did everything the same there would be no reason to travel.

Elizabeth Sullivan

Sullivan To Release Her First Single

Elizabeth Sullivan has a passion for music. It is both eclectic and electric, whether it is guitar, piano or drums.This Friday, September 28, “Hallelujah,” the first of eight singles by Sullivan will be released.

St. Patricks

Sandra Scott Travels: Now Is The Time To Visit Dublin

The children have gone back to school and most people have used up their vacation time during the summer. So, now is a good time to travel. Places are less crowded and some prices start to fall. And, in Europe the winter weather hasn’t set in.

Players Have A Busy Autumn Ahead

As it enters the autumn theater season, the Oswego Players have three separate events scheduled over the next month. First off, on October 6 there will be a fundraiser, held together with the Art Association of Oswego, featuring local UFO expert Keith Conroy.

The skyline

Sandra Scott Travels: Singapore – ‘One Of The Most Perfect Countries’

Singapore has to be one of the most perfect countries; at least, to my way of thinking. It is sparkling clean and people-friendly. When Rachel Chu, the leading lady, gets off the airplane at Singapore’s Changi airport, she marvels, “An airport with a movie theater…” I always notice how quiet it is. The airport has a sunflower garden, a butterfly garden, a nature trail, plenty of child friendly activities, along with artwork, shopping, and eateries.

Theatre Du Jour presents Bullets for Broadway!

Theatre Du Jour presents: Bullets for Broadway! (A Musical Murder Mystery) By David Landau Directed by Derek Potocki Starring an all-star local cast of “characters” including Beth DeRousie, Pablo Mendoza, Peter Fekete, Matthew Fleming, Jodi Halczyn & Stephanie Johnson! Gangster Tony Alto & his wife Toffee are back, in a story that answers the question,

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