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September 18, 2018



Guggenheim Museum

Sandra Scott Travels: Remembering ‘The Man Who Built America’

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, interior designer, writer and educator who designed more than 1,000 structures, of which 532 were completed. He is touted at America’s greatest architect and “The Man who Built America.” His architectural style was a reaction to the stuffy, ornate, and crowded look of the Victorian era. He felt buildings should be inspired by the land and that there should be fewer rooms and that they should flow from one to another.

Theatre Du Jour Has Partnered With The Tailwater Lodge

You’re invited to the party after opening night to revile as the reviews come in, along with the FBI and a few stray bullets. It’s a brand new evening of mystery, comedy, music and great food, which just goes to prove that sometimes when people say they’re going to make a hit, they mean it.

Sandra Scott Travels: Visit The Port City’s Sphinxes

How many times a week are you in the city of Oswego? How many times have you been to the Richardson-Bates House? Take an hour on two to visit this house to see how the well-to-do lived in Oswego more than 100 years ago. The Richardson-Bates House is one of the most intact house museums in New York State. The opulent interior reflects the 19th century Victorian fascination with art, culture and history.

Players Plan World Premier of ‘AccoladesTo Audrey’

In August, The Oswego Players will present the world premier of the one-act play “Accolades for Audrey” as a fundraiser. “Accolade for Audrey” tells the story of Audrey Marie Munson, an American artist’s model and film actress who was considered “America’s First Supermodel.”

Salmon River Falls

Sandra Scott Travels: Visiting New York’s Beautiful Waterfalls

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most visited falls along with Iguacu Falls in South America and Victoria Falls in Africa. I am sure most New Yorkers have visited the falls at least once. When I was in college in Buffalo, it was a popular ‘first date’ destination. No matter how many times I visit, the falls are always impressive.

Auditions for Theatre Du Jour’s ‘Bullets for Broadway’ A Sure Shot For August

Director Derek Potocki is offering “Bullets for Broadway” by David Landau this October and once again Theatre Du Jour is calling all thespians. If you enjoy a good farce / murder mystery role – they are gunning for you. Three fine fellas and three sassy dames are required for the show from this award-winning playwright best known as the inventor of the popular interactive mystery play.

Pick your Intrigue

Sandra Scott Travels: Are You Ready For Some ‘Intrigue’ In Your Life?

Interesting how Destiny is more than a shopping and eating venue; it also has unique entertainment such as racing cars, rope course, mirror maze, and now the Museum of Intrigue. John and I love museums but we had never heard of this one, mainly because it is new. It is also very innovative and a bit hard to explain. The museum is 9,000 square feet with areas set up in a variety of sets: Rain Forest, art gallery, Salem, medieval dining room, archeology, and more – all unique and interesting.

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