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Players Have A Busy Autumn Ahead

As it enters the autumn theater season, the Oswego Players have three separate events scheduled over the next month. First off, on October 6 there will be a fundraiser, held together with the Art Association of Oswego, featuring local UFO expert Keith Conroy. […]

The skyline
Sandra Scott Travels

Sandra Scott Travels: Singapore – ‘One Of The Most Perfect Countries’

Singapore has to be one of the most perfect countries; at least, to my way of thinking. It is sparkling clean and people-friendly. When Rachel Chu, the leading lady, gets off the airplane at Singapore’s Changi airport, she marvels, “An airport with a movie theater…” I always notice how quiet it is. The airport has a sunflower garden, a butterfly garden, a nature trail, plenty of child friendly activities, along with artwork, shopping, and eateries. […]

Giovanni Ciaravola serves up some fresh spaghetti
Sandra Scott Travels

Sandra Scott Travels: Enjoy Traditional Amatriciana Italian Sauce

Rome, Italy, may be called the “Eternal City” but Rome actually started several miles southwest of present-day Rome in a place called Ostia. Today Ostia Antica is an archeological site near the modern resort town of Ostia. Two thousand years ago, Ostia Antica was located at the mouth of the Tiber River making it an important commercial city with a population of around 60,000. It declined as the harbor silted up eliminating its place in the trading market and making way for the growth of what is Rome today. […]