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October 21, 2018



Crash Kills A Man In Hastings

Two cars hit head-on Wednesday in the town of Hastings and the crash left a 19 year old man dead.

State Police say the accident happened shortly before 10:00 a.m. on Route 11, just north of the Barker Rd. intersection.

Syracuse Man Accused of Sodomizing Child

Mathew Angona

A Syracuse man has been arrested for allegedly having anal intercourse with a child several times at a Hastings residence in 2001. Mathew J. Angona, 23, of 300 Lodi St. Apt. 1, Syracuse, was arrested Thursday and charged with first-degree sodomy and first-degree sexual abuse, both felonies. After assaulting the arresting officer, he was also charged with second-degree menacing, resisting arrest and second-degree harassment.

Oswego County Voters Pack the Polls


Oswego County voters flocked to the polls Tuesday to cast their votes in the 2008 Presidential election. Longtime inspectors said the turnout was stellar. We have the unofficial vote totals from all Oswego County races here.

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