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Wilde Works On Display

Wilde photos

Harrison Wilde is the featured artist this month (April) at the Oswego Public Library’s Art Gallery. One critic hailed his work because of “his keen eye that created wonderful compositions, whether he was taking photos of local scenes, or doing nature photography.” The end results were often times unique depictions of familiar scenes.

Something To See: Eclipse Of The Sun

You couldn’t see it here, but it was impressive in Southeast Asia: A complete eclipse of the Sun, in which the moon slides perfectly between the Sun and the Earth, leaving a perfectly round corona of the Sun’s fire and a dark circle.

The eclipse lasted up to 6 minutes in some places.  No one reading this today will see the next eclipse predicted to last that long.  It will be in 2132.

We thought you might like to see some amateur pictures from the eclipse, courtesy of various photographers who post on Flickr.  Click the story to see more photos, a diagram of the path of the eclipse, and a composite photo that shows a giant shadow on the Orient, from space.